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Scallop Shell Candle Vegan Soy Wax


This eye catching candle is made from vegan soy wax and hand poured in Brighton, UK. 

Creamy ivory in colour and unscented, this candle can be used as a decorative item if you think it's just too beautiful to burn!

Height: 9cm

Width: 6.5cm

All measurements approximate and taken at the tallest/widest point. 

Packed using plastic free packaging within a small cardboard box, this candle can be sent straight to a loved one as a gift. 

Please note, as this candle is hand poured each candle is unique and there will be slight differences in appearance between candles which may include textural variations and small surface imperfections. This candle has a short burn time of around 1-2h and the wax will drip. Must be placed on a suitable flat and level fire resistant surface. 

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